Haley Wagonblott

Haley Wagonblott

Haley Wagonblott received her Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  Haley utilizes a client-centered and collaborative approach. Haley strives to create a warm, supportive, and strengths based environment in which the client can comfortably explore any concerns while leaning on Haley’s expertise, experience, and training.

Haley has experience treating issues related to anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship concerns, self-esteem, recovering from narcissism/abuse, identity work/development, life transitions, learning disorders, and more. While doing clinical work at UMKC and park university, she became especially passionate about helping young adults discover themselves through life transitions.

Haley sees individuals, children, and couples. Through her professional experience at disability and children’s treatment programs, Haley became familiar with the treatment of autism spectrum disorder, Traumatic brain injury, and ADHD. She is also passionate about helping women recover from abusive/narcissistic relationships. Haley is an LGBTQ+ ally and welcomes clients of all backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities.  Beyond the client-centered approach, Haley also utilizes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness and more.

When Haley is not in the therapist chair, she loves relaxing with partner and cat, working on embroidery (quarantine hobby, anyone?), working out, being outside or hiking, and traveling. She is a strong advocate for accessible therapy for all populations.

You have a number of ways to contact Haley if you wish to schedule an appointment or have any questions about her professional practice. You can send her an email at Haley.doorsofhope@gmail.com, call 913-712-4412 ext. 103, or submit the contact us form here.

What You Will Pay
Because my goal is to decrease any burdens you may be going through, it is also important that I charge a fee that is manageable for you and your family. I am willing to work with you to set a fee that you can comfortably pay on a regular basis. Because insurance often limits the quality and quantity of sessions we can conduct, I only offer an ability-to-pay arrangement. This arrangement is based on income and number of people in the household and is set at your first meeting. I can also provide you with a form and whatever other information you need if you would like to try and file insurance on your own.