Doors of Hope offers the best individual, family, and group counseling & therapy around Kansas City

Do you feel alone? Are you going through a stressful life transition?  Is your relationship falling apart?  Does it feel like your family is out of control? Do you need help dealing with your children? Do you feel like you need some unbiased guidance through your individual, partner, or family problems?

Doors of Hope is a counseling and therapy practice in Kansas City with clinically licensed professional therapists equipped and eager to assess and treat spiritual, relational, psychological, and emotional needs. We offer individual, couple, family, group, and marriage therapy in Kansas City and are willing to assist in finding the right treatment option for you.

Our goal is to foster an environment of healing and self discovery as we work to reconnect relationships and build your self worth.  What makes those that seek help different is not a lack of strength, but rather the courage and fortitude to continue to change for the better.  We do not always choose the struggles we have, but we do choose how we handle them and fortunately we do not have to face them alone.

You may be wondering what sets Doors of Hope aside from other therapy practices in the area and it’s our accessibility, our therapeutic match making process, and our emphasis on incorporating your faith into the therapeutic process. Not only do we guarantee a return contact in 48 hours and an appointment within a week, but we work to make sure that no matter what you are bringing in, we have a perfect therapist for you. Co-founder and seasoned therapist Rachael Dekoning personally handles all referrals and contacts to make sure you get the perfect fit. Additionally, our therapists are trained to bridge the gap between spirituality and science by meeting you where you are at in your faith journey and combining that with research based approaches to give you an individualized healing experience. We recognize faith and spirituality look different for everyone and honor wherever you want to go in that process. Consider setting an appointment with one of our licensed therapists today or allowing us to help you find the best fit. We look forward to helping you.

Doors of hope symbolizes that sliver of light at the end of what can seem like a very long and dark hallway. Sometimes the light is so hard to see you just have to keep walking and trust it’s there. But you don’t have to do it alone. That’s God’s promise to us and our promise to you.

Doors of Hope Co-Founder