Amanda Parkman

Amanda Parkman

Amanda is completing her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Emporia State University and looking forward to obtaining her license in professional counseling upon graduation. She has a completed certification in Trauma Informed Education from Emporia State University as well and brings passion to these areas of peoples lives. She is interested in working with a wide range of client problems and populations but especially preteens, teens, adults, and couples who are looking for a safe place to discover more about themselves.

Amanda offers person-centered counseling by integrating multiple approaches to the therapy session based on the clients specific needs and desires for their own therapeutic journey. Her aim is to present knowledge, skills, and a reflection of behavior patterns to further the client’s “toolbox” outside of the counseling session.

Through graduate school, Amanda’s passion and lean has been toward developmental trauma. She holds a certification in Trauma Informed Social Emotional Learning. Her fascination started when she understood that biology, psychology, and society all impact each other and how that can truly affect one person’s life. The idea that one has to consider everything from nutrition to previous generational trauma to get to the root of the problem is fascinating and meaningful work.

Amanda started her practicum at a private practice, county jail, and transitional housing facility. What she found at the transitional housing facility and county jail is that the trauma was so chronically multi-layered, that the time constraints on counseling really hindered progress. Trust is paramount when working through trauma, grief, and hurt. Time is a factor in building trust. For Amanda, private practice was where relationships could really build, and vulnerability and trust are gained to make an impactful difference.

Amanda’s future goals post-graduation include continuing to see clients at Doors of Hope Counseling and obtaining a PhD in Developmental Trauma. In her free time, Amanda enjoys traveling, hiking, reading just about anything, and playing board games.

Amanda is accepting new clients at a reduced rate and you can contact her using the contact form, phone (ext 106), or email (