Hanson Briggs

Hanson Briggs is currently completing a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology at Avila University. He and his wife, Savannah, relocated to Kansas City from Los Angeles in 2021, to welcome their daughter Isaiah into the world and to be closer to family. Hanson has always expressed an interest in philosophy, psychology and the arts, and carries a deep desire to help others recognize the heroism in their stories.

Hanson is passionate about well-being and naturopathy. He prefers to look at problems from a holistic perspective—incorporating physiological, psychological, and spiritual analysis into his clinical theory. Rooted in a humanistic approach, Hanson values empathy and sincerity. He wants to thoroughly understand the problem and support clients through every emotion. Dreams are a significant part of life, and proved to be an integral component in Hanson’s own therapeutic journey. He has become fascinated by the role that our dreams play in shaping our worldviews, and wants people to feel the courage to explore their deepest imaginations in a trustworthy and nonjudgmental setting. He has studied dream analysis for many years, and has developed a keen interest in the symbolism of dreams.

Relationship counseling is one of Hanson’s primary competencies. A studious listener and a patient problem-solver, he has great experience in mediation and conflict resolution. He understands that communication is of paramount importance to any successful relationship.

He considers marital and pre-marital counseling to be valuable at any stage of a committed partnership. Hanson is a strong advocate for healthy marriages and honest conversations. Infidelity, pornography, financial hardship, broken trust, indifference and spirituality are some very common problems that Hanson can assess with compassionate and confidential care.

Spirituality has become a hot-potato topic in popular culture, but Hanson considers this to be an inescapable dimension of human personality. All aspects of spirituality are worth discussion, and the wrestling match of faith is a matter of profound significance. He welcomes questions about deconstruction, nihilism, God, faith, suffering, grief, and anger.

Hanson is an avid reader and music enthusiast. He loves to go on long walks with his family. In his free time, he is probably on the hunt for new restaurants with his wife, or sprinting uphill after his dog, or laughing with his daughter about their newest game.

Hanson is currently accepting new clients and can be reached by phone (913-712-4412 ext 115), email (Hanson.doorsofhope@gmail.com) or through our contact page on this website. He looks forward to helping you heal today!