Intentional Parenting Series

Intentional Parenting Group

Parents of all ages will enjoy learning from this veteran educator with over 25 years of experience. A mother of two herself, Jodie is passionate about partnering with moms and dads to help them navigate the joys of parenting . As a special education teacher and principal in both elementary and high school, she understands the unique gifts of each child, and believes everyone has the potential for greatness. It’s time to eliminate power struggles with manageable communication skills and realistic expectations, and it all starts with your own self care. Each session will focus on easy to learn strategies that will help parents tackle tough parenting decisions and issues related to parenting. Come prepared to learn, laugh, and look forward to parenting!!!

What to Expect from our Parent Groups
● Confidentiality
● Support, Guidance, and Trusted Experience
● Networking with other Parents
● Tuesdays 730-9pm, in person or online, September 12 through October 17th. 65 dollars per session or 300 for all 6
● Wide variety of parenting topics covered including but not limited to: parent self care, boundaries, technology, executive functioning skills, and parenting anxious kids.

Benefits of Guided Support with a Parent Coach
● Gain structured guidance and support from a licensed educator
● Get to know other parents with similar needs and questions
● Feel supported and heard
● Improve communication skills
● Increase confidence with decision making
● Improve time management skills and daily organization
● Improve Conflict resolution skills

About Jodie
For the past 27 years Jodie has taught Special Education and been a principal for kindergarten through 12th grade. Because she has worked with every stage of development, her scope covers the “big picture”, not just the current age or grade level. Her time in education provides an impressive web of networking experience, insight, and professionalism regarding educational needs and child development. Jodie loves the process of listening, learning, and collaborating when it comes to tackling tough parenting issues. She knows how to map out a plan to find success, invoke change, and provide hope. Her coaching philosophy is rooted in relationships and trust.

Email her at to register! You can also learn more by visiting her website at

How to Join the Group:
Contact Jodie by email- or call/text- 9139088220. Receive your free consult and intake today!

We look forward to helping you heal!